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Meals on Wheels

We recently purchased two bikes with trailers that will allow us to provide carbon-neutral collection from local surplus food suppliers and foodstuff deliveries to those in need in the local area.

They will also be used for making light deliveries of other things, including plants and flowers, as well as household items such as lamps and small tables.

The cycles cost us the princely sum of £1000 from local not-for-profit community group Full Cycle, which refurbishes unwanted bikes and sells them on for an affordable price. They were bought with part of the money we received through the Community Resilience Fund - a grant from Kingston Council - for our new community kitchen.

We estimate that the two-wheelers will save us as much as £300 in the first month by not using our van for making deliveries - and of course we will be helping the environment to boot!

Check out our friends at Full Cycle - every purchase helps them support someone vulnerable gain access to affordable transport:

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