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Winter wonders and happy hampers

Over the winter holidays the team was hard at work with a number of wonderful projects and events. In the background, they were also working on our annual hamper project to bring a little more joy to those in need during a hard time. 

We managed to make a total of 50 hampers this year, alongside our regular food surplus collections and support.

8 going to those in Alms houses, 20 to refugee families we've been supporting and another 12 to those being supported out of homelessness or low income families. All those who received one were immensely grateful, as a result some even volunteered their time with us to help others and pass forward the love and support they received!

A massive thank you to all those that gave or donated tinned or long life goods to support those in need.

With the start of the new year, if you'd like to help out or pay any kindness you received over winter forward, check out our current roles on volunteering Kingston below.

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